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Podcastin': SMQ on Football Outsiders

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Russell Levine, one of the fine NFL-centered gurus of the inimitable Football Outsiders, called up Wednesday night to talk point spreads on the biggest games of the weekend, then edited it together using sophisticated audio technology and a dash of newt's blood into a strange new medium known to those who practice the nebulous form as a "pod-cast." Startling accents and stuttering ensued.

Update [2007-11-21 10:58:3 by SMQ]: Below the jump now, to get the beautiful, beautiful Southern Miss fight music off the home page...

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In case it wasn't totally clear, I don't really know what happened to Kansas State after the Wildcats lost to Kansas. Just to make sure that got across. I don't know how to explain it, alright? They just stopped tackling people. Just to clear up that point.