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A bottle-a-rum of his choice to any scalawag what be lucky enough to film the cap'n as he be bitin' the dust in the gravelly deep of Greg LeMond's Locker:

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Texas Tech's Mike Leach talks often about how players need to play through pain as the season wears on. Now he'll have to walk his talk. Leach said Monday he broke a bone in his right arm when he hit the pavement after falling from his bicycle on Friday. Leach said he got a flat tire and tried to fill it with enough air to make it to his destination, but "it proceeded to run out of air. I took a routine turn, then went into a slide, so then it broke the arm." Leach, who wore a wrap around his elbow area to his weekly gathering with the media Monday, had cuts and scratches on each palm and abrasions to his right hip and shoulder. "It's just a mess," he said. "Went from a one-and-a-half week deal to six. It's a nuisance."
- - -
Get better soon, Cap'n. Yarr.

- - -
Anyone interested in chipping in to add his or her name to a real 'get well' card – I mean, like, a good card, not some piddly Gold Crown thing, let me know below or in e-mail. Let the Cap'n know you care.