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Today's shedule is interesting enough in its own way, for the discerning fan, but lacks that marquee Armageddon game that rocks the rafters like LSU-Florida last week.

Not that we need it to enjoy a great day - two weeks ago was a "down week" and wound up one of the wildest days of the decade - but today promises a moment or two of wistfullness, or restlessness, maybe even some mild envy of Northeasterners for a change, who chave the rare opportunity to pause for solemn reflection on the game's blueblooded roots during not one, not two, but three Ivy League games on local and quasi-local (like CSTV, which carries non-Ivy upstart Lafayette at Harvard at 1 p.m. Eastern) networks this morning. Princeton and Yale will be playing on different channels at 12:30, harbinging back to the days, the good old days *sniff* when illiterate brutes off the farms of the South and West knew their place in football, and in society...

That clip is purported to be the oldest surviving footage of any college football game, in this case the game of the 1903 version of the "game of the century" between perennial champions, which was attended by 50,000 people. Adjusted for population inflation, 50,000 people in one place in America in 1903 is the equivalent today of about 182,000 people. Suck on that, Tennessee.

Maybe some enterprising viewer will fill us in on the valiant deeds of the "love of the game" types, from anywhere, while the rest of us focus on the modern behemoths. All games are on the table.