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We Hardly Knew Ye: Gailey, Ball Moneymaker Leaves to Become Own Moneymaker

First Sidney Rice, and now the real acrobatic receiving gem of the past three seasons: Calvin Johnson, aching for consistently catchable passes, is going pro a year early. He declared from the shell of the sanitation plant he's constructing between rounds of administering immunization on the Sine Saloum Mangrove. No alarms and no surprises.

Look at these numbers, then watch this, and weep:

Catches Yards Per Catch TD
2004 48 837 17.4 7
2005 54 888 16.5 6
2006 76 1,202 15.8 15
Career 178 2,927 16.4 28

SMQ, for one, is not sure what his reference point will be for Georgia Tech without Johnson and Reggie Ball's stultifying inability to sate his teammate's endless talent. Just another team with a coach on the proverbial hot seat? And yet, it is the ACC...

Scouts project Johnson as pioneer in shattering physical restraints of unassissted human flight, middle of top ten (needs to work on precise route-running).
- - -

Towering bodily kinesthetic intelligence is prematurely departing Michigan as well, in the form of interior defensive line colossus Alan Branch, who bid Ann Arbor sayonarra mere moments ago. As with any good, disruptive, man mountain of a defensive tackle, numbers can't quite tell the complete Alan Branch story, at least not as vividly as this:

To date, two-thirds of Anthony Morelli have been recovered.
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