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Columbus Police Brace for Subcomandante Asskicking

One of SMQ's old roommates had a theory that hooded, anarchist black bloc types subversively infiltrate rowdy, inevitably inebriated college campuses enthralled by championship events, even ones unfolding far away, to accelerate the escalation of run-of-the-mill disorderly conduct into full-fledged, car-flipping riots. So either the police in Columbus are preparing for a little taste of the revolution, or else just playing it safe, with a touch of hubris for good measure:

The city will ban parking, empty trash bins and place undercover police officers in neighborhoods around Ohio State University to dissuade rowdy fan behavior following Monday night's national championship game, officials said Thursday.

The measures are similar to the plan the city used to minimize problems when the Buckeyes beat rival Michigan in Columbus on Nov. 18. Police arrested nearly 40 people and dozens of fires were set in student neighborhoods, but authorities reported a relatively smooth night and Ohio State President Karen Holbrook said she was generally pleased with the post-game celebrations.
Classes are in session, so dormitories and off-campus rental units will be packed with students, Seckler said.

"Our expectation is for a great night, a great victory and the best fans in the land celebrating with class," [Barb Seckler, the city's deputy safety director] said.

Columbus police think they know what they're dealing with, but they have no idea...