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It's Award Time

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I wouldn't worry too much about your heart. You can always put that award where your heart ought to be. - Bette Davis

You love me!
- - -

This will serve as SMQ's victory/apathy thread between posting today as the College Football Blogger Awards are dished out in excruciating hourly fashion - er, excruciating, that is, if, you know, you actually, like, care about this sort of thing - all over the niche throughout the day. SMQ's not involved so he has no idea who's giving out what or when or how or to what to degree or in which of many possible fashions of ill-advised wardrobe attempt.

SMQ was generously nominated in seven categories:

Best Analysis
Best Prose
Best Post (for Dear Diary: Chris Fowler)
Best Gag (for Dear Diary: Chris Fowler)
Best Regular Feature (for "Friday Morning Quarterback")
Best National Blog
Mythical National Champion

Early returns include SMQ losing "Best Analysis" in a "very tight vote" to the inimitable MGoBlog. Curse you, Cook! And your damn charts. Charts! Nonchalance and a well-deserved congratulations to Brian, who broke down every play his football team ran against non-Ball State opponents last season and ipso facto humbles us all.

Update [2007-1-31 13:47:21 by SMQ]: Woo! SMQ is a winner, according to Mssr. Swindle at EDSBS, of the uber-prestigious "Jenn Sterger's Rack Award" for "Dear Diary: Chris Fowler." The take-away lesson behind this victory, kids: paying obsessive attention to subtle announcing tics during random Thursday night games, with a dash of residue from repressed, emo-ish high school angst, really does pay off in the end.

Update [2007-1-31 19:30:10 by SMQ]: Woo! again! Swindle delivers a second SMQ win, for "Best Regular Feature," though he is definitely out of line in doing so if not shooting for new levels of absurdity in his use of the word "millions." This is setting the stage for tremendous defeat Thursday.

Other awards presented at:

MGoBlog (Funniest Blog, AKA "Orson Swindle Award Bukkake, Part One")

Rocky Top Talk (Best New Blog, Best Critic)

Dawg Sports (Best Mainstream Media Blog, The Job Award...wait, how was his team's 9-4 season bad enough to qualify Hey Jenny Slater for that? Georgia beat four BCS conference teams with eight or more wins.)

Burnt Orange Nation (Best-Looking Blog)