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Saban Hired as Alabama Coach; Saban Informed Tonight or Thursday

TideSports says done deal:

But then, there's also this. And the minor fact - completely disregardable, of course - that there has been no official announcement, a caveat SMQ would think would have  'Bammers exhibiting a little giddy patience given its recent trauma in the field of coach presumption. Memphis Tider goes Photoshop on instant Tide hubris, declares after deep scientific analysis beleaguered Mal Moore a "winner" and definitely pants-wetting Tommy Tuberville and Phil Fulmer - though not, oddly, Les Miles, 2-0 against the Tide, or Houston Nutt - "losers," the "national media" a "loser" and Saban his own self a "winner" on the grounds he "gets out of Miami." And, of course, accepts the most important position in the free world.

As Cokie Roberts said of the presidency in the turmoil following the disputed 2000 election, the longer you go without a head coach, the more you realize you may not necessarily need one. SMQ still thinks Alabama should take a hint from Steve Spurrier, Rich Rodriguez, et al and embrace its destiny as a pioneer in the Independent Football Unit movement. But if the school prefers to confer gazillions on Don Nicky, so be it.

Remember, though, that Saban denied, denied, denied any pending move back to campus, and up to this moment has still only denied he's going anywhere. The presumed accuracy of the very certain reports this morning makes him, unlike Steve Spurrier and Rich Rodriguez, but like many others, a liar. Possibly a forgivable liar, under certain circumstances, but how's that for solace, Notre Dame? Minnesota?

Update [2007-1-3 18:55:39 by SMQ]: It's official...

Put on the hat, Nick. Put it on. You'll love the hat, Nick. Just try it on...