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Georgia Rep. Heeds Constituents' Mandate; Has Never Felt Closer to Base

Now, see, Orson at EDSBS goes visceral in his instinctual loathing for this at In the Bleachers, which is also somewhat appalled. But if SMQ lived in Georgia and was, in fact, a partisan of that state's flagship university, he would totally vote for Jack Kingston regardless the inevitable political divide. Isn't the sheer irrational, stubborn hate the representative displays here what makes college football great?

Depending on the shade of your glasses, Kingston's lonely obstinance isn't exactly 'irrational.' The U.S. House voted Tuesday on two football-related resolutions, worded thusly:

One: "Commending the University of Florida Gators for their victory in the 2006 Bowl Championship Series (BCS) and for winning the national college football championship."

Two: "Commending the Boise State University Broncos football team for winning the 2007 Fiesta Bowl and completing an undefeated season."

The second is an entirely factual commendation for Boise State's win and unbeaten season, but the owner of the "national championship" in the former, as SMQ pointed out Tuesday, is in some minor dispute. So maybe Rep. Kingston - the only present voter to cast a "nay" on either initiative - has been reading his SMQ on the unchallenged sanctity of the Bowl Championship Series' opinion poll-driven title, and uses his post for symbolic libertarian revolt. Or maybe he's a kneejerk UGA homer whose district threw up in its mouth last Monday. The point is: politics can be a cynical game, and it's refreshing to see a man voting his conscience on fundamental issues of vital importance to the nation.

Either subscribes to the "Pickle Method" of selecting a champion, or just really, really hates Florida.
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