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We Hardly Knew Ye: No, Really, Before Monday, Just That Blocked Kick Edition

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On a day a few players instructed the NFL on the virtues of patience - Penn State linebacker Dan Connor, Arizona cornerback Antoine Cason, Arkansas gazelle Marcus Monk, Florida receiver Andre Caldwell - two of Caldwell's defensive counterparts decided they had a little championship capital to spend: cornerback Ryan Smith, who saved the Gators' bacon at cornerback by jumping early from Utah in August, will make a similar premature leap to the pros, along with frightening end Jarvis Moss, who is not impressed with your fancy awards or their generally accepted spellings but was suitably taken with his own two-sack, fumble-causing performance in the mythical championship game to ride its glow to the next level.

I just sacked Troy Smith! And I'm huge! Jarvis Moss gettin' paid!
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