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We Hardly Knew Ye: They Come and Go at USC

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SMQ is not a techno-wiz, audio-embedding maven, but he does know Pete Carroll couldn't be happier than he is now in L.A. So he recommends opening another window and dropping in a little mood music to accompany this post.

Pete Carroll is intrigued at the prospect of ascending to the throne of the Dolphins' coaching dictatorship, according to John Clayton, who writes Carroll met with Miami owner Wayne Huizenga in Costa Rica - immunizing children from his golden unicycle, no doubt - to discuss the job. Which he was not offered and has no interest in. Unless it is offered.

The Dolphins are pretty satisfied, apparently, with the can-do college enthusiasm its last coach transfered from campus into a 15-17 record with no playoff appearances in two seasons before bailing on his contract. Carroll's pro record was 33-31 in four seasons with the Jets and Patriots - he was "traded" to New England, if you'll recall, for Bill Parcells, and followed there by Bill Belichick. If it's .500 Huizenga wants, wasn't it just right under his nose, so to speak?

Pete Carroll wants nothing to do with the expectations set by the recent standard in Miami.
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If he stays, Carroll will forge stoically forward in L.A., however, without his school's all-time receiving leader. That's not Lynn Swann, not Keyshawn Johnson, but Dwayne Jarrett, who reincarnated Swann's acrobatics in effective collusion with the box-out, small-forward-y jump ball skills of more recent Trojans Johnson and Mike Williams and declared today for April's pro draft. Mr. Jarrett made even Matt Leinart look good!*

Catches Yards Per Catch TD
2004 55 849 15.4 13
2005 91 1,274 14.0 16
2006 70 1,015 14.5 12
Career 216 3,138 14.5 41

That is indeed 41 touchdowns in three seasons by a wide receiver.

Can of corn.
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* - This is a joke, see? Leinart was and probably is still good sans Jarrett. He won a Heisman. Though Dwayne does still owe Papa Leinart a little money for those high-rollin' digs. It was just a little loan, baby.