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Further Evidence: The Web Was Made For Savants

Wow: the rest of this cheap site appears to be a halfhearted paean to a recognizable but anonymous commercial actress for no particular reason at all. Yet, seemingly devoid of all context, it produces the most complete possible preview of Ohio State-Texas Saturday, including video clips of every snap from both teams' openers, breakdowns and screen shots of every offensive formation (in the case of Texas, as anyone who paid attention in last year's Rose Bowl knows, this is not a long lesson), depth charts and diagrams of front seven gap assignments. In other words, your ESPN/Ron Jaworski wet dream for the universities come to life. Or is that only SMQ?

You'll want to be familiarizing yourself with this set

Do you, reader, even have any idea why Ohio State might try to attack Texas' weak B gap when Frank Okam lines up in a three technique to neutralize the strong B gap? Now you have no excuse.

(And if you chuckled or made a dirty joke when you saw 'technique to neutralize the strong B gap,' you can be helped there, too).

Hat tip: Around the Oval