clock menu more-arrow no yes mobile and Tuesday morning as SMQ travels to New Orleans for the transcendent return of the Saints tonight.

Mid-major Monday, therefore, is cut tragically short, but for the record:

The Mid-Major Record Against BCS Conferences
Last Week: 3-13
Season to Date: 14-69

An Entirely Subjective Mid-Major Top Ten
This is more of a power poll...
1. TCU (3-0)
2. Boise State (4-0)
3. Houston (4-0)
4. Utah (3-1)
5. Southern Miss (2-1)
6. BYU (2-2)
7. Tulsa (3-1)
8. Navy (3-1)
9. Air Force (1-1)
10a. Western Michigan (3-1)
10b. Fresno State (1-2)

More later on the crucial, much-anticipated Tuesday night C-USA matchup between Southern Miss and Central Florida. Bated breath, etc., SMQ knows.