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Doubts? About West Virginia? Please.

Before unexpected restraints derailed posting opportunities beginning last night, SMQ was going to reinforce his previous doubts about West Virginia with a quick "prove it" note to the Mountaineers, whose high projections and dominant performance to date received its first presumptive challenge tonight against Maryland.

He walks in at halftime, of course, to see WVU up 38-10. Sweet Jesus.

As he's leaving the field Rich Rodriguez tells the WWL's sideline babe he's "a little bit upset" about penalties and mental errors, because "you can't do that against a quality team like Maryland."

Um, apparently, Coach, you can. You're up 28 points. At the half, man.

Oh yeah? Well your sister liked it when I burned her couch!

Update [2006-9-15 0:41:10 by SMQ]: Actually watching a bit of the second half, West Virginia's blocking is just unreal. White and Slaton - when not fumbling and falling down for no reason - are very good fits for the slashing style this system requires, but the lanes provided by the front five are obvious and massive. They miss virtually no assignments and arrive at the right angles to seal or kick out at the point of attack pretty much every time. SMQ wondered if the offense's proficiency over the second half of last season was sort of a flukey hot streak, but clearly, with this level of play up front, it wasn't. It will take a team that can really outman WVU physically to disrupt this attack, and they don't play anybody like that. If they lose, it's going to be shootout style.