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Video Killed the Tan Coaching Star

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Or, in the case of Chuck Amato and NC State's gut-wrenching, last-second home defeat to Akron Saturday, the lack of video. While SMQ is on the alleged failure to review controversial last-second touchdowns, of varieties affirmed and denied, he should point out what NC State blogs are already lamenting about the Zips' go-ahead run:

SMQ is not a trained, veteran Bowl Subdivision official, but, uh, that ain't no touchdown.

The News & Observer published the picture in its online edition this afternoon, and it will be in their print version Tuesday morning.

To their credit, NCSU blogs like the aforelinked State Fans Nation and "The Buzz" are taking the high road by pointing out that those inches are irrelevant if certain favored home teams don't allow the game to come down to the last play.

They're also correct, though, as is Pack blogger Section Six, that replay exists first and foremost to specfically address this sort of error. Or at least to look. The NFL, in fact, reincarnated the modern review system later adopted by the NCAA as almost a direct result to a "touchdown" definitely not scored by Vinny Testaverde against the Seahawks in the final seconds of the final week of the season, an absurd call that cost Seattle the playoffs and, ergo, Dennis Erickson his job there. Amato's fortune, after a similar no-look, is about as bleak.

Southern Miss, of course, can accelerate the morbid machinations of termination Saturday, but SMQ is not a mean-spirited person and won't salivate on the potential exacerbation of sensitive personnel matters that don't concern him. He would, however, miss the comedy. Cuz it's all about the funny, y'all.