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Welcome to SMQ on SBN

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Lured by prestige and lucre, SMQ jettisons his BlogSpot site this season for the cult of Sports Blog Nation at the considerable effort of SBN big shot and persuasive Burnt Orange honcho Peter Bean. This is the new Sunday Morning Quarterback.

The switch will mean very little for readers, loyal or otherwise, because SMQ has been given strict instructions to change nothing about his content and approach and has given strict instructions to make this site look as near to the original as possible. It's not all done, and the sidebar needs a little editing, but for better or worse, we are all revved up and ready to go.

Incoming linkers are required only to delete 'blogspot' in the url.

SMQ hopes to have his first "Friday Morning Quarterback" of the season up in an hour or two, and from there, the ship has set sail.