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You Can't Stop Life. You Can Only Hope to Contain It.

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Well, you can stop life, but that's a little extreme.

Anyway, short-term projections in SMQ's case are bright: tagging along for a mini-vacation this weekend to California, where he's never visited, and will be taking a break from the blog there through the middle of next week. By which time Alabama and Miami will have caught up with NC State, among others, and made their much-anticipated hires - Mike Leach is a totally cool guy, 'Canes, not that weird once you really get to know him, and he wanted SMQ to tell you he thinks you're neat and stuff - or just decide the whole 'head coach' thing is overrated, because who says single-coordinator teams can't compete just like every 'traditional' program? Society?

California, here SMQ comes!

Bowl madness, mythical championship bitching and subversion and more obligatory postseason wrapups, honors and audits commence upon his return.