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SMQ Readers' Choice Awards: The Dwight-Sutherland Memorial Trophy

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Some corporate entities and clubs that seem to exist for no reason outside of doling out trophies at lavish dinners his morning, the Downtown Athletic Club of SMQ introduces an ongoing feature of the next couple weeks: the prestigious SMQ Readers' Choice Awards for excellence in whatever quirky field crosses his mind, with winners selected by you. Results will be announced sometime later this month, whenever clever categories run dry. Everyone who stops by is encouraged to participate by clicking the appropriate circle in the "Poll" section of the righthand sidebar.

If you have any award ideas for SMQ, please leave them in the comment section. Spam-deflection means you'll have to register, but it couldn't be easier.


The Dwight-Sutherland Memorial Trophy
Presented to the most outstanding exhibition of 'deceptive speed'
Few and far between as they may be at the sport's more advanced levels, these "possession" guys at various skill positions defy popular biases - or at least Fisher DeBerry's - all the way to the end zone.

Jeff Samarzijafsdja , Wide Receiver, Notre Dame
Appears sans defensive counterpart Tom Zbikowski, who ran a punt in for a score but failed to pick off a pass in the oft-abused Irish secondary. Samarsjfiahvzasa his own seld was down in every category - yards, catches and touchdowns - from 2005 but still had at least four grabs in every game and 11 touchdowns. All-conference level stuff if, well, you know.

Tony Gonzalez Wide Receiver, Ohio State
The 'zig' to Ted Ginn's 'zag' burned defenses overly attented to his more hyped teammate 49 times for eight touchdowns and created mismatches across the board. The first of a couple guys on this list responsible for Texas' relative misfortunes.

Dicky Lyons Wide Receiver, Kentucky
Kentucky legacy was the second-leading receiver in a surprisingly potent, emerging Wildcat passing game. Had six touchdowns in UK's first three games and eight for the year on 16 yards per catch; burned Louisville and South Carolina, among others, for big plays and returned a few kickoffs.

Eric Weddle Cornerback, Utah
Won second straight Mountain West Defensive Player of the Year since moving to corner from safety. Picked off six passes in a three-game and took two back for touchdowns against San Diego State. Ran a fumble for touchdown against Wyoming and returned a few punts. Draft report claims a 4.50 40-time.

Todd Blythe Wide Receiver, Iowa State
Blythe and converted quarterback Austin Flynn had 75 total catches as the nation's most racially representative receiving corps relative to the population as a whole, but unlike the scoreless Flynn, Blythe's big-play ability flashed for eight touchdowns in nine games.

Stephen McGee Quarterback, Texas A&M
Led all non-service academy quarterbacks by rushing for 635 yards and four touchdowns. Had 100-yard games (sans sacks) against Army, Oklahoma State, Baylor and, most notably, Texas - the latter for the second consecutive year.

McGee gives ecstatic thanks for his Dwight-Sutherland nomination

Those are the candidates. SMQ gets the first vote and casts it in favor of Samardziojfiajasja. The rest is up to you.