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PSSSSST...Greg Schiano is Talking to Miami - Like, About Time!

Coaching gossip grapevine from the Miami Herald, which reported this morning via "a person close to the situation at Rutgers" that Greg Schiano would totally get a call from old flame Miami, his ex from back before Rutgers, which may be finally waking up after experimenting with an older man what everyone else has been waiting for it to realize all along: the couple really does belong together.

University of Miami athletic director Paul Dee contacted Rutgers athletic director Robert E. Mulcahy III on Sunday for permission to speak to Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano today about the UM head-coaching vacancy, a person close to the situation at Rutgers said.
Earlier Sunday evening, Schiano spoke during a teleconference regarding the Texas Bowl, in which Rutgers will play Kansas State on Dec. 28 in Houston. He was asked if he was flattered by all the speculation in South Florida.

''I am,'' he said. "Anytime someone thinks that you would be good at something, that obviously makes you feel good.''

He was asked if he perceived the Miami opening as an attractive job, even if he were not interested. ''Certainly,'' Schiano said. "Any school that has that kind of tradition and history . . . is something that, to the right person, is attractive.''

[Hat tip, as usual: Da Wiz]

[live studio audience Woooo!] Greg Schiano thinks Miami is hott. SMQ can see him blushing from here, the shy Casanova.

But meanwhile, potential suitor Mike Leach plays it cool in Texas, parrying a Herald report he "has made it clear within the college coaching community that he is extremely interested in pursuing" Miami by denying he's heard from the U. Asked why he doesn't just call Miami himself, Leach said "I don't want to look desperate," and sighed deeply while staring glassily into space.

Sources close to Donna Shalala said the Miami president knew Leach, but had never really thought of him in a "head coach" sort of way, and considered him "just a really close, good friend," as well as "cute, but kinda weird."

Mike Leach knows he'd be perfect for Miami, if only he could make the 'Canes see it themselves

Update [2006-12-4 17:42:44 by SMQ]: Hope for Leach after all: Schiano Tells Miami He's Staying at Rutgers (AP, ESPN)

Rutgers? But Greg, can't you see how much Miami needs you this time? What are you trying to prove? That you're really happy now, that you don't need the Hurricanes? Or that you're just too stubborn to listen to your heart?

Oh, you're a loyal man, alright, but at what price fidelity, Greg?