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Desmond Howard Deserves Every Penny

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He was a great player, after all, and therefore possesses stupendous knowledge relative to the average Internet-type schlub, who is probably very slow.

Oh, YouTube, justify SMQ's sarcastic love: at least someone else noticed Desmond's faux pas tres amateurish both before and again in the middle of Tuesday's filming of the official 2007 TCU Highlight/Recruiting Video. SMQ went to bed concerned he'd entered the demented realm of some sort of postseason Twilight Zone, where commentators' bodies had been taken over, pod-style, by indifferent middle school girls who have no reason to know better. (HT: The Wiz)

Can you do this? Then shut up, Mr. Unconfused-by-well-known-distinguishing-suffixes.

But Howard's confusing Texas with Texas A&M was only slightly more embarrassing than Todd McShay's pregame claim that Garrett Wolfe was "without a doubt" the top NFL prospect in the Poinsettia Bowl (video is on the Leader's college football home page, under the "ESPN Motion" feature on the far right), which was directly contradicted during the game not only by the booth, which relayed that Wolfe was regularly ignored by scouts because of his size, but also his play: 28 yards on 20 carries, to match the number of purple shirts it seemed unpiled from his unfortunate body on any given down. By the end, all three booth guys where slobbering over the probably more realistic prospects of TCU defensive end Tommy Blake instead.