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Introducing the SMQ Bowl Blitz: A Few of SMQ's Favorite Bowl Things

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The BCS has taken its hits over the lifespan of Sunday Morning Quarterback, who has argued incessantly for a championship playoff in its place. One argument you'll never read SMQ endorsing, though, is that the "bowl system," as it were, should be extinguished, or even restricted. You will read him exhorting to pile 'em on! (you just did, in fact). SMQ loves bowl season!

Look! Bowls! Oooh!

Much of this irrational affection derives from blatant, willfully distorted nostalgia, whose effects have canonized the forgotten virtues of 1993 Copper Bowl participants Kansas State and Wyoming. Back then, at least, Chad May could throw for 275 yards and two touchdowns on a helpless Cowboy secondary on a field whose oversized logo featured an actual title other than the name of its corporate sponsor (in this case, the tastefully secondary Weiser Lock). Those were the days.

In the spirit of nostalgic bowl love, of pretending conceding that if you are participating in a bowl game, you are good or at least not worthy of merciless ridicule, dammit, SMQ presents a few of his favorite bowl things. Ridicule, rest assured, will follow on a daily basis throughout the rest of the month.

(Cue Rogers and Hammerstein...)

Thursday in Shreveport and Christmas Eve in Hawaii
Big midfield logos and birds on blue turf diving
Droughts that are quenched after decades of dreams
These are a few of my favorite bowl things

School advertisements and quick chats with sponsors
Karsten in Tampa where scores are dubbed `bonzers'
The Peach and the Citrus that won't die as themes
These are a few of my favorite bowl things

Tote bags of schwag stuffed with new MP3 players
Blowout finales inducing depressed stares
Six weeks of practice attached with no strings
These are a few of my favorite bowl things

When the palms droop
When the crowds snore
When your team's seven and five
I simply remember a few of those sad losing teams
And then I don't feel so un-alive

Additional verses welcome in comments...