SEC Exposed

Even after a weekend of poor performances: Florida's blah-fest at Vandy, Georgia (supposedly on the fringes of respectability and a "quality win") falling to Kentucky, and Alabama losing to Miss State, America woke up again to another SEC love-fest.

SMQ, this is a looming topic that only you can handle: irrational love for the SEC is ruining college football.

This week Jason Whitlock told the AP that

"After watching the West Virginia-Louisville game Thursday night I was shocked at how poorly the defenses played," Whitlock said in an e-mail to the AP on Sunday. "I don't think either one of those teams would survive against the best teams in the SEC. So there are four SEC teams that I think are better than Louisville. I also think Ohio State, Texas, USC and Michigan are better than Louisville."



Every week, Florida/Auburn/UT/Ark/LSU will just barely get by against one of the mediocre SEC teams, but somehow the eternal toughness of the league is cited.

Alabama is not a good football team.

Georgia is not a good football team.

South Carolina is not a good football team.

Vanderbilt is not a good football team.

I haven't even mentioned the state of Mississippi yet.

Every year the naked emperors of the South play a weak non-conference schedule (see Georgia, Alabama) benefit from a general belief that Southern football is King and everyone has a nice home upset and its declared the toughest g-- d---ed conference of all time. As such, Tennessee's 3 point victory over Alabama is somehow a positive, while Notre Dame's 3 point victory over UCLA is something that isn't dinner table appropriate.

Is the SEC really that different from the Big Ten or Pac-10? A medicore tier, an elite crust and some dogs?

To be fair, I think Auburn and Florida belong somewhere solidly in the top 10. LSU, Arkansas and Tennessee are dangerous teams that you don't want to catch on the wrong day, and, if they get a flukey TD catch (ark, last night) or about 3 flukey interceptions from tipped balls (tennessee) they'll beat you. Just like about 25 other teams in America.

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