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Blog Pollin' Hits the Stretch

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You can't stop real life, you can only hope to contain it. And even beginning to do that today requires SMQ to put the blog on the backburner for a few hours. So, quickly, quickly...

BlogPoll Ballot, Week 14
This is not a power poll...
1. Ohio State
2. Southern Cal
3. Michigan
4. Florida
5. Louisville
6. LSU
7. Wisconsin
8. Arkansas
9. Boise State
10. Rutgers
11. Auburn
12. Oklahoma
13. Notre Dame
14. West Virginia
15. Tennessee
16. Virginia Tech
17. California
18. Texas
19. Wake Forest
20. Boston College
21. BYU
22. Nebraska
23. Texas A&M
24. Georgia Tech
25. Hawaii

Waiting: TCU, Oregon State, Penn State, Georgia

This is not SMQ's proudest rankings work, because there are so many ways to look at spots 8-14 - Notre Dame and Oklahoma are punished for lack of an elite win, Auburn for two blowout home losses, whereas Wisconsin, Boise State and Rutgers are rewarded for a lot of mediocre wins but fewer blemishes - and SMQ isn't sure this is the best result. A regular from-scratch reassessment is probably due next week.

Arguments to this effect, or to affirm SMQ's effort, or to praise or trash any other element of the ballot, or to freak because Georgia Tech remains in over Georgia (and because SMQ does not consider that a difficult decision), or to offer your favorite recipe for a nice holiday bundt cake, belong in the comments below.