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And There Was Much Rejoicing...

...among some circles, at least, though probably not the other 11/12ths of the SEC, on presumptively good information that the Perplexed-Looking Mike Shula will go quietly into the refuge of the lonely coaching night :

Mike Shula has been dismissed as the University of Alabama's head football coach, multiple sources close to the Crimson Tide football program told The Tuscaloosa News on Sunday night.

Shula notified his assistant coaches late Sunday night after UA director of athletics Mal Moore gave him the news, according to the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

With a lavish buyout as his only solace

Good thing Shula negotiated the security of a long-term contract extension a few short months ago, which we can assume will serve now as his payment for hitting the road.

TideSports' Christopher Walsh tosses out six options from outside the school's cherished "Bryant Tree": Greg Schiano, Barry Alvarez, Steve Kragthorpe, Jim Grobe, Jeff Tedford and Orson's decisive choice, Paul Johnson of Navy [note that's Paul Johnson, not Bobby, from Vanderbilt - ed. I was confused for a second, too] - though the Tide should be wary of the endorsement of a fan of a rival school still smarting from 1999 and 2005 and advocating, it seems, a return to the triple option. If it was good enough fer th' Bear...

Nick Saban, at least a month remaining in his still-competitive NFL season, is added for good but unlikely measure, as he's rumored to have received an offer.

Plus: mainstream types with degrees and stuff officially contract Spurrier Exuberance from blogs and message boards, because, after all, the ball coach still hasn't specifically denied Alabama! On that front: a Wikipedia scoop? And the planes, the planes...