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BCS Busting, la Edici?n de la Revoluci?n!

In the grand march of history, few fates are clear until suddenly, unexpectedly sealed. War machines constructed by Napoleon and Hitler after him were inexorably en route to continental domination before crippling defeats at Waterloo and Stalingrad. The Soviet Union was a bastion of monolithic oppression until a few guards decided on their own to let a few protesting East Berliners through a gate in the Berlin Wall.

Such, then, is the state of the anarchic providence navigating history's inexorable path to chaotic, playoff-inducing BCS meltdown following Southern Cal's monumental defeat at Oregon State Saturday. Where four days ago only feeble hope existed that the conqueror of 38 consecutive and 48 of its last 49 regular season confrontations could be toppled prior to reinforcing the system's orthodoxy, the new week dawns with a renewed hope in the menaces of conflict and disunion to strike the heart of the mythical championship regime.

Beavers = catalysts of fortune

Systemically, the ledger makes clear the necessary course of action:

1. Ohio State (0.9864)
2. Michigan (0.9697)
3. West Virginia (0.7862)
4. Florida (0.7791)
5. Louisville (0.7621)
6. Auburn (0.7589)
7. Texas (0.7562)
8. Southern Cal (0.7152)
9. Notre Dame (0.7151)
10. California (0.7133)

Because four of the top five face one another in primaries, only one scenario can ward off baffled, outraged and undeniable sentiment in favor of overthrowing the formulas with a tournament: the winner of Michigan-Ohio State faces the winner of West Virginia-Louisville. This is the schedule and happy happy time in BCS Land.

And with no feasible challenger or upset-wielding championship game to thwart the schedule, only one legitimate possibility now exists: Rutgers must defeat the West Virginia-Louisville winner. The perfect solution would also include the Knights falling to the WVU-U of Hell loser, but this may not be necessary if hu-man pollsters follow their tradition of stodginess bordering on NCAA Football 98-level absurdity; could even an undefeated Rutgers, with a resume of at least the quality of a hypothetically unbeaten West Virginia or Louisville and victories over both, "earn" a mythical championship berth? SMQ believes it cannot. So he's not worried about Rutgers losing and doesn't believe it would preclude the desired roadblock among the more highly-regarded of the once-defeated (its exclusion could be a boost to disillusion), as long as it fulfils its destiny by spoiling the ascendancy of the survivor of the showdown between its conference mates.

And so SMQ declares: the bells must ring.

Brian Leonard flings the Scarlet banner of BCS anarchy out