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SDA Bowl Extravaganza: Justify Your Existence

At Football Outsiders, we break down the first round of bowl games with advanced stats, analysis and reasons you should actually care

CBS: Another year another identity crisis at Texas

After two years, nine losses and countless quarterback changes, the offense Bryan Harsin bequeaths to his successor is as far from a coherent identity as it has ever been.

Superlatives: The All-SMQ Team

Counting down the best (and worst) of the year. Today: My All-Americans.

Around the Scorn: Portrait of a Petrino in Exile

Lattimore is out, Petrino is back, Tuberville is on the move and Letterman is stuck in the eighties, all in today's roundup

Butch Jones, Volunteer of last resort

Butch Jones is the first coach to arrive in Knoxville in decades who has to confront that fact that, under present conditions, it is hard to win at Tennessee

Lowlights: The Worst of 2012

At CBS, I count down the lowest lows of the season.

Carousel Catch-Up: Prodigal Gus

Read this fast, before everything changes

Bret Bielema, Angel of Death

Bret Bielema to Arkansas is not just the SEC beating the Big Ten on the field, or in some nebulous arms race. It's beating the Big Ten for the heart of its prize-winning meathead

OFI: 'Deserve' Has Nothing to Do With It

The weekly recap is up at Football Outsiders, featuring a rebuttal of Northern Illinois skepticism. Plus notes, a new top 25 and the Lowsman Trophy Watch.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

BCS Realpolitik: Don't Blame Northern Illinois

In the final edition of the season: A tale of two quarterbacks in Miami, a defense of Northern Illinois, and which Wisconsin shows up in Pasadena?

Championship Primer: 5 narratives for Tide-Irish

It's 36 days to kickoff in Miami. At CBS, I review what everyone will be talking about between now and then.

Alabama 32, Georgia 28: Alpha Tide

Bama earns a return trip to the BCS title game by being what we thought it was all along. Only more so.

Oklahoma 24, TCU 17: Wagon Train in Vain

Like his team, Landry Jones has done everything he could conceivably do short of win a national championship, and his critics never let him off the hook

Game Day Keys: Saturday's Most Essential Players

On the day's most pivotal players, personalities, match-ups and schemes

Stanford 27, UCLA 24: The Shaw must go on

The post-Luck Cardinal go one better than their predecessors by punching their ticket to the Rose Bowl, and reaffirming their staying power all over again

7th Day Adventure: Winner Take All

The weekly preview is up at Football Outsiders, examining the SEC Championship Game as de facto semifinal. Plus: Analysis, advanced stats and picks of the weekend's biggest games.

Louisville 20, Rutgers 17: Ace Card

Had all gone according to plan, Teddy Bridgewater probably would not have played tonight. When it didn't, he punched Louisville's ticket back to the BCS.

Stable MAC is ready for its close-up

At CBS, I go long on the MAC's big close-up, and immunity to the realignment race that has its peers running for cover.

Top 25; Every Buckeye In Its Right Place

Sorting out Ohio State's place in the pecking order on the heels of its 12-0 finish, comparing resumés in the SEC and sorting through the wreckage of the bottom half of the poll in this week's rankings.

Around the Scorn: ACC Docks Off the Cardinal Coast

Another Big East school prepares to jump ship, Kentucky casts its lot with a familiar name and the living patriarch of Colorado football accused the athletic department overt racism, all in today's roundup.

C-USA by Any Other Name Would Smell As Weak

As of today, fully half of Conference USA's current membership is scheduled to be playing football in the Big East by 2014, at which point at least two-thirds of the Big East's membership will be made up of ex-C-USA refugees

One Foot Inbounds: No Such Thing As Miracles

At Football Outsiders, the week-in-review is up, featuring a look at how Notre Dame's initial bet on Brian Kelly changed, but still paid off, plus notes, a new top 25 and the weekly Lowsman Trophy Watch.

Black Sabbath 2012

Everybody is fired.

BCS Realpolitik: Deal With It, America

Thanks to Notre Dame, the championship match-up is all but official, as are at least seven of the remaining eight spots in the other BCS bowls. Then it gets interesting.

Gene Chizik's Work is Done Here

The seeds of Chizik's demise at Auburn were planted in his greatest success

Florida 37, Florida State 26: Gators in Space

At one point, FSU scored 20 consecutive points, and the second half belonged to the Seminoles. Then Florida achieved liftoff.

OSU 26 Michigan 21: The Best They're Allowed to Be

The Buckeyes' 2012 season will go down as an opportunity missed, and one of the greatest in Ohio State history

Game Day Keys: Saturday's Most Essential Players

The day's most pivotal players, personalities, match-ups and schemes

Florida at Florida St: Shut up and play the hits

New year. Better teams. Higher stakes. Same brutal slugfest.Coming Soon

Seventh Day Adventure: All Eyes On the Irish

At Football Outsiders: Every piece of evidence logically points to a Notre Dame victory over USC, but since when does logic matter in the BCS? Plus analysis, advanced stats and picks for the weekend's biggest games.